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Name Address Phone Category
Adventist Christian School 612 23rd Ave 970-353-2770 Private School Homes near Adventist Christian School
Bella Romero Elementary School 1400 E 20th St 970-348-2500 Public School Homes near Bella Romero Elementary School
Billie Martinez Elementary School 341 14th Ave 970-348-1800 Public School Homes near Billie Martinez Elementary School
Brentwood Middle School 2600 24th Ave Ct 970-348-3000 Public School Homes near Brentwood Middle School
Christa Mcauliffe Elementary School 600 51st Ave 970-348-1900 Public School Homes near Christa Mcauliffe Elementary School
Dayspring Christian Academy 3734 W 20th St 970-330-1151 Private School Homes near Dayspring Christian Academy
East Memorial Elementary School 614 E 20th St 970-348-1400 Public School Homes near East Memorial Elementary School
Franklin Middle School 818 35th Ave 970-348-3200 Public School Homes near Franklin Middle School
Frontier Academy - Elementary 2560 W 29th St 970-330-1780 Public School Homes near Frontier Academy - Elementary
Frontier Academy - Secondary 6530 16th St 970-339-9153 Public School Homes near Frontier Academy - Secondary
Greeley Central High School 1515 14th Ave 970-348-5000 Public School Homes near Greeley Central High School
Greeley Sda School 600 23rd Ave 970-353-2770 Private School Homes near Greeley Sda School
Greeley West High School 2401 35th Ave 970-348-5400 Public School Homes near Greeley West High School
Harold Winograd Elementary School 320 N 71st Ave 970-348-2600 Public School Homes near Harold Winograd Elementary School
Heath Middle School 2223 16th St 970-348-3400 Public School Homes near Heath Middle School
Jackson Elementary School 2002 25th St 970-348-1500 Public School Homes near Jackson Elementary School
Jefferson High School 1315 4th Ave 970-348-1600 Public School Homes near Jefferson High School
John Evans Middle School 2900 15th Ave 970-348-3600 Public School Homes near John Evans Middle School
Littler Center 1300 N 17th Ave 970-352-2201 Public School Homes near Littler Center
Madison Elementary School 500 24th Ave 970-348-1700 Public School Homes near Madison Elementary School
Maplewood Elementary School 1201 21st Ave 970-348-3800 Public School Homes near Maplewood Elementary School
Meeker Elementary School 2221 28th Ave 970-348-2000 Public School Homes near Meeker Elementary School
Monfort Elementary School 2101 47th Ave 970-348-2100 Public School Homes near Monfort Elementary School
Mountain View Academy 6200 W 20th St 970-330-3671 Private School Homes near Mountain View Academy
Northridge High School 100 71st Ave 970-348-5200 Public School Homes near Northridge High School
Scott Elementary School 3000 13th St 970-348-2200 Public School Homes near Scott Elementary School
Shawsheen Elementary School 4020 W 7th St 970-348-2300 Public School Homes near Shawsheen Elementary School
St Mary's School 2351 22nd Ave 970-352-1724 Catholic School Homes near St Mary's School
Trinity Lutheran School 3000 35th Ave 970-330-2485 Private School Homes near Trinity Lutheran School
Union Colony Prepartory School 2000 Clubhouse Dr 970-673-4546 Public School Homes near Union Colony Prepartory School
University Schools 6525 W 18th St 970-330-2221 Public School Homes near University Schools

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